Monday, March 22, 2010

The ‘Ayes’ Have it

the eyes have it

Yes people, the ayes do indeed seem to have prevailed. And as they say, the eyes are the window to the soul. These are the eyes that delivered Obamacare to a nation graciously saying “no thank you, ma’am.”

But back to Nancy’s Betty Davis eyes: look into this soul: do you see what I see?

Of course you do. But we need to soldier on anyway.

Happy Palm Sunday, Nancy.I’m sure you will find time to go to Mass next Sunday to thank the good Lord for your victory over capitalism, self-reliance and liberty.

Sorry we couldn’t have you over tonight to celebrate with Big Guy and Lady M, but you  - of all people – know that the politics of the situation require that we hold our big celebration for later. Maybe Good Friday will work out for the big party.

But hey, Nan – you go ahead and have a snort or two tonight, you earned it. I can tell you that Big Guy is going to have a couple of lines snorts tonight too. Because he’s the president.

 bo's thumbs up

Meanwhile, as healthcare raged in D.C. Lady M and the girls flew off to New York to see the Broadway play, Memphis.alg_michelle_obama_ny broadway pigeon toed


It’s a musical about a young white disc jockey who falls in love with a black singer back in the 1950’s in segregated Memphis. It’s really about racism, bigotry and hate; so there’s that whole Karma thing again, because that’s just like people today who are opposed to Big Guy’s Obamacare. But thanks to Nancy, Rahmbo and, of course, Big Guy, we’ve managed to vanquish those haters. Happy days are here again. We’re all Nazis now. See? Big Guy really is the great uniter. Like George W. Bush, but way better.