Saturday, March 27, 2010

An Honor Just to be Nominated

What a dilemma. Lady M is receiving a huge award from Nickelodeon tonight, but she won’t be able to accept it in person. We’re still holed up here in the Big White getting ready for our meeting next week with Carla. It’s the usual routine: detox and Botox. We’ll be enjoying olive oil dipped cotton appetizers and a full body slimming wrap and wax. We want to look our best – you know, for the American people.

But let me tell you about the big award. It’s the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice “Big Help Award” for Lady M’s “Let’s Move” campaign aimed at ending childhood obesity and promoting wellness and healthy living among the nation’s youth. Wow! This is like the Nobel of Anti- Fat Awards! Only this one doesn’t come with any kroners.

Nickelodeon said the award “recognizes those who seek to better the world, and whose significant impact on their community has inspired kids to do the same.”

Boy, that’s Lady M alright: seeking to better the world one organic vegetable at a time. I sure wish we could go to accept the award in person though.(The award is a big orange blimp. Just a coincidence – it’s their logo)


USA/pinto red2un red 2Mo and Yoo Soon-taek

Because usually, after they present you with the blimp, they like to  dump a big bucket of Nick’s trademark green slime on you!  The kids love it.

The Nickelodeon people suggested maybe we could do a remote sliming right here in the Big White. But apparently our new social secretary nixed that idea, because ABC is reporting that some Big White spokesperson has already announced there will be “no slime” at the White House.

Au contraire, mon frère! But that’s an altogether different story.

But wait! There’s more! MO and Big Guy were also nominated for this year’s “cutest couple” Nick award. The competition for this category was a lot stiffer than the “Big Help” award, and it doesn’t look like we’re going to win that one. Hard to believe, I know. APTOPIX Obama US FranceToo cute by half

But I know we would have gone if we had bagged that one, because  Big Guy really likes to accept awards. And the Wee Wons would have loved to see him get slimed. As would a fair share of the rest of America.

onstage during Nickelodeon's 2008 Kids' Choice Awards held at the Pauley Pavilion on March 29, 2008 in Westwood, California.But seriously, it was a great honor just being nominated.