Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Michelle Obama: FLOTUS, Over-Achiever, Organic Gardener, Fashion Icon and Role Model

Or, as Cripes Suzette has trademarked her, World Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom.™ You know you are a bona fide icon when a cartoon show uses you as one – and not just any cartoon show: THE SIMPSONS! In case you missed Sunday night’s episode due to watching, instead, the dismantlement of our republic, vote by Democratic vote, here’s the money clip: Lady M appears as an icon of overachievement. And I don’t care who you are, that’s funny!

So here’s World Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom’s™   mentoring advice on how to become an icon:

  1. Get the MSM correspondents to broadcast your talking points for you; minimally once every news cycle. Ensure that each such product placement is done in a positive manner. chrissy

PHO-09Nov24-189907state dinner2009-04-01-NBC-NN-royalwel

2.Get as much personal face time on MSM televised shows as possible.Do not restrict yourself to “news” shows. Ensure that each such product placement is done in a positive manner.theviewfistbump

3.Get MSM to put your picture on the cover of their publications 20-40 times in a 52 week cycle, ensuring at all times that each product placement includes a positive cover story.michelleclear021009michelle-obama-time-2009

4. Get MSM to demonize any of your opponents or detractors.2009-11-17-sarahpalingoingrogueexcerptshuffingtonpostnewsweeks   

5. Wear distinctive, fashion forward clothes that others might think are too short, too tight, too tacky or otherwise just inappropriate. Michelle-Obama-la-meme-tenue-a-un-an-d-intervalle-!_mode_uneMichelle_Obama_at_Reception_For_Supreme_Court_Justice_Sonia_Sotomayor__Bluefly_blog_FlyPaper-400

Obama Awards Medal Honor Posthumously Soldier 3lg50_KAlYZl copenhagenjpg

6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 until icon status is achieved.

Come to think of it, you could win a presidential election with this formula too. Except for the tacky clothes part: replace that with dressing the wolf in sheep’s clothing and I think we’ve got ourselves a winner.