Friday, March 26, 2010

bb: what a yahoo

Whew! It might be Spring, but it’s been chilly around the Big White ever since the dinner late afternoon meeting with BB Netanyahu. Did you hear about the Big Chill? Seems that Big Guy, with his renewed superhuman powers,super obama decided it was time to show that Israeli upstart just who was in charge around here.

Here’s the short story: Netanyahu “blindsided” Joey B with the announcement that the Israelis are building a new apartment building in Jerusalem. (I don’t know if this was a diplomatic slight or not, but I can tell you: it’s not that hard to blindside Joey) I guess the Israelis are supposed to be acting like they already gave half of their capital city to the Palestinians. Because the Palestinians have been discriminated against too, you know, Just like the Jews. OK, nobody killed 6 million of them, but people say mean things about them all the time (except on PBS and NPR). Maybe because they keep blowing things up? But I digress. Big Guy made it clear, you know - “Let me make it perfectly clear” - to BB that he forbade him to start any new settlements in his country’s own capital city, and he went ahead and did it anyway. Boy, the nerve of that guy! Building in his capital.

So I guess the Palestinians want Jerusalem back (although it’s not clear in my hard drive that it was ever really theirs in the first place, but that’s another story.) So we all feel sorry for them now, and we want everything to be fair. Just split that baby down the middle, like in King Solomon’s days.

But apparently BB didn’t roll over like Big Guy is getting used to again, now that, as I said, he’s regained his super-powers. star So in his meeting with that little peon leader of the Jewish state, Big Guy just gets up and announces that he’s going to have dinner with Lady M and the Wee Wons, leaving BB sitting there to think about his bad behavior.

Three things come to mind: first, Big Guy must really, really like the pot roast Cristeta was serving up on Tuesday. Second, I know for a fact he didn’t have dinner with Lady M, because we were enjoying Marcus’ 20 course tasting dinner at Aquavit on Tuesday. Third, this is the same behavioral modification training Big Guy tried to use on little Bo.I don’t want to be negative here, but  frankly it didn’t work very well with little Bo, if you know what I mean. And it doesn’t look like it worked any better with BB. He and his friends left, leaving a note for Big Guy behind saying: I’ll give up half of Jerusalem when you give Texas back to the Mexicans.” I’m afraid that’s not the kind of negotiations we’re used to around here. At least with the Republicans it’s been more like “How about you give me your car, and I’ll give you one of my old shoes*?”

In other Big White news: Lady M went to the Alicia Keys concert last night. Here she is with Alicia last year:


And here’s Alicia at her concert:

st-keys27  I think you can see why there won’t be any side-by-sides this year.

We’re on the cotton-balls dipped-in- olive oil diet of the models all weekend because Carla’s coming next week and we want to be in shape. So it looks like another weekend hanging out in the little room at the back of Lady M’s closet. That’s OK, it will give me a chance to write a review of my brother Hub’s new movie. You’re going to love it!

*HT to Woz, deal analyst in the way-way back machine who could always sum up a deal succinctly.