Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Carla Has Left the Building

Damn! Apparently Carla’s Botox is starting to settle down and the collagen is settling in, or whatever Madame DeFarge says it does. See for yourself:

carla post botoxHere’s the wench in New York today with Nicky and she looks fresh as a flower in the spring rain – and skinny too. Lady M is not going to be happy about this. I just hope she wears underwear to dinner tonight. Carla, that is, not Lady M - I already know that the first layer we’re laying down resembles a rubberized skin divers suit. And you people wonder why we always go sleeveless in the middle on winter? Have you any idea how hot Lycra is?

carla at juliard Carla at Julliard, looking over some of Bach’s music

As you probably know, things have been a bit testy between Big Guy and Nicky, ever since last summer when the O’s blew off the Sarkozy’s invitation to dine with them in the  French Presidential Palace. Apparently the O’s had one of their big date nights planned in the City of Lights instead. I’m no protocol expert, but that just seems bad manners to me.

So, ever since, Nicky’s been kind of poking a stick in Big Guy’s eye whenever he gets an opportunity. I hope they can patch it up tonight because we really love those little Frogs. And Lady M would love to go to Paris again to pick up a few things. So keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well.

It’s a good thing they didn’t come for dinner last night. We had our 3rd annual Seder dinner. I don’t think having them over for a “Passover dinner” would have been a good idea – since that’s already a sore point with the S’s.

obamasederx-wide-community Which doesn’t belong, and why?

In addition to the traditional Seder plate and 4 cups of wine, there was gefilte fish, chicken soup with matzo balls, braised beef brisket, chicken roast, sweet potato and carrot tzimmes, carrot souffle, kugel and spring asparagus. And for dessert: flourless chocolate cake, golden apricot cake and brown sugar macaroons rounded out the bounty. Lady M was still on her 3-day detox in order to look her best for tonight, so all she had was the bitter herbs – oh, and the wine, of course.

Its amazing isn’t it, how Big Guy adapts to the various religions of the world? But he has a special affinity for Passover - which he’s been celebrating with his Jewish staffers since 2008 when he stumbled into their Seder uninvited. He especially likes the telling of the story of the Jews deliverance from the bondage and slavery of Egypt: out of darkness into the promised land. It makes me wonder, though, why Big Guy isn’t just a bit more sympathetic towards the plight of Israel? At a minimum, I would’ve thought he could have invited BB to stay for dinner. What can I say, Big Guy is a walking contradiction, wrapped in a paradox. Apparently many find that charming in a politician.

I’ll be back later to fill you in on the “battle of the First Wives club.” Lady M will finally emerge from under her wraps. So to speak.