Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Flexing our Frozen Muscles

I’m not saying that Lady M was suffering with a bad Botox-reaction for the past few days. Nor am I saying that she suffered any other unintended results related to superficial cosmetic surgery. But I can tell you that Pete is still not ready to release his pictures from last night’s dinner with Sarko and the lovely Carla. (Who has, thankfully, packed up all her perky little outfits along with her little penguin husband and gone home.)

cala teal  

 mo burka carla look WM copyBut don’t worry about missing anything. There wasn’t much of Lady M to see anyway, since yesterday was her own biennial  multi-culturalism observance day:  she wore her hijab to dinner. The menu was superfluous, since it’s pretty hard to eat anything while wearing one of those numbers.

Recognize these eyes? Carla did. If not, check the very top of my blog.

But as they say, what a difference a day makes! One extra night’s beauty sleep, and Lady M was looking pretty tight and smooth - albeit still a tad puffy – and ready once again to get out there to sacrifice for the American people.

So this morning we were off to speak at the Big White’s Council on Women and Girls' Forum on Workplace Flexibility.

It looks to me like everything is settling in quite nicely. What do you think?

council on women and girls forum                           

checks mo accepts nicks big help award

    Wednesday: 3/31                    Tape for Nick Award: 3/24

We’re all about flexibility in the workplace – with the exception of those pesky forehead and cheek muscles. Those we want frozen into submission. Actually, that works out best with our little people too.