Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wholly Saturday

I really don’t think this type of reporting, especially on a holiday-with-a-small-h-weekend, is really necessary. But since a commenter has already linked this un-retouched photo, (Hanes? Hmmmm. Any connection to Hanes Bodywear? Or is that just a coincidence?) I might as well post it myself. Maybe, just maybe, Lady M will learn not to leave me behind (so to speak) on her next speaking engagement. Of course I suppose this means I’ll never get Good Better Friday off again. But then, everyone in the Big White has to sacrifice for the American people.

big butt Maybe it’s time for a Brazilian Butt Lift?


Let’s face it, sometimes everyone could use a little lift.








Jessica Simpson, after her Brazilian Butt Lift. Note how it was artfully rearranged to help support her surgically enhanced hooters. Nice boob belt too.

I understand there is another confession and absolution service this evening. I suppose I should go again.