Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The French are Different than You and Me

Well dear readers, you nailed it. There will be no press at the French Connection dinner this evening: just “official” Big White photographer Peter Souza. I think we all know what that means: all photos will have to be pre-approved - because of our transparency policy.

And while I know you’re anxious to hear about the dinner, we just have to wait until Pete get’s done with his “work." As I mentioned before, he’s not the sharpest Photoshop techie around. But he’s from Chicago, and he follow orders well.

But there was other news today. Starting early this morning; it was Groundhog day all over again. Honestly, I think Big Guy has milked this signing of the Obamacare bill for all it’s worth. This is like, what, the 12th time he’s inked it?  Lincoln only had to sign the Emancipation Declaration once. FDR only signed the Social Security Bill once. What’s up with Big Guy? Do we not have enough photo-ops around here?

ground hog daySigning the Healthcare and Education Bill, March 30, 2010. Note Big Guy’s lavender tie, color coordinated with Nancy’s suit and necklace in a deeper shade of purple.

 march 23 signing

Signing the Healthcare Bill, March 23, 2010. Here our tie is coordinated with Mini-Me’s and Nancy’s eyes.




Also earlier today Big Guy did a joint presser with Nicky. They did not coordinate their ties. I think Nicky’s listening to one of BO’s speeches on his iPod: better than the real thing.

watchout lavender tie alert


nancy practicing bows to head of state Sarko also met with the powerful House Majority leader this morning. Not satisfied  being the most powerful woman in the country, she might be thinking about running for president and upping that to the most powerful woman in the “whole world." It does look like she’s practicing bowing to foreign heads of state, which would be a big plus. After all, she did learn from the master:

Obama-bows-his-head-before-Queen-Pelosi Big Guy bows to the most powerful woman in the country. Unclear why, but then it always is.

Before the presser, Sarko and Carla went to lunch at Ben’s Chili Bowl on U Street. You are not going to believe this – but Carla ate two half-smokes! That’s right! Two hot dogs! For lunch! Don’t believe what you read elsewhere, I got this straight from Doris, and she waited on them so she should know. (She also said Nicky left a C-note for a tip. I don’t think Big Guy has ever left a C-note. But then, he just saw one for the first time a few years ago.) I’m still trying to figure out how Carla can do that and stay so skinny. Maybe she’ll just pick at her dinner tonight. I’ll bet she heard what we’re serving.

Here she is leaving Ben’s. I must say, those half-smokes seem to agree with her. What is it about those French women?

nicky and carla at bensrl sarko_bruni_dc

And yesterday, the Sarks went to Columbia where Nicky gave a speech:


No wonder Lady M hates her.

I’ll get back to you about the dinner when ever Pete’s done messing around with his pictures.