Friday, May 14, 2010

Breaking News Headlines: Jupiter’s Missing Belt

As reported by MOTUS MOL Cherie yesterday, Jupiter is missing a belt.


Scientists noticed the missing belt almost immediately after Jupiter re-emerged from a 3 month journey behind the sun. Investigators are baffled and have little to work with, “We don’t know where the belt could have gone. Jupiter has the largest girth of all the planets, so it won’t be easy to hide that bad boy". At least we’ve got that going for us.” DEVELOPING

In other news today, First Lady Michelle Obama swore in the first brigade of Calorie Corpse volunteer Calorie Counters who will not only keep track of sugary beverage intake, but also monitor the BMI’s of all elementary school children’s fat behinds.

jupiter boob belt copyLady M swearing in her Calorie Corpse in her new belt. It’s out of this world!