Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just Spring it…

After Lady M’s last few clothes horse outings, where she wore a couple of refried Thakoons,

cincoCinco Thakoon










Thakoon Surprise


…and a Moschino from the Cheap and Chic collection, (their term, not mine; I would’ve stopped after “cheap”)

fat kids behindsChintz on the cheap

…look what we finally managed to stuff ourselves into! Double strand  pearls, high neck, sleeves covering the guns, solid jewel tone, classically cut dress.

What’s up with this? Who is she trying to throw off their game? 

ropeline  Who’s next?

I think the National Military Family Association Summit that MO attended yesterday in Georgetown really appreciated the effort she took to look, uh, not clownish. I sure hope the positive feedback will be enough to keep this dressing-like-a-grownup streak going, because let’s face it, some of us could use a little break.

I would like to think she dressed normal just to make me happy, but the fact is, I think the dry cleaners got Lady M’s wardrobe mixed up with Smootie’s, who always dresses classy. “Dresses white” is the way Lady M puts it. VINTAG~1 Seriously, if you just toss a hat on MO’s head,


and I think we’d have ourselves a bona fide Jackie!jackie 

a new look

It’s Spring: new growth, new life, hope springs eternal.

I think I need to knock off the allergy meds.