Tuesday, May 11, 2010

“I’m Comin’ Out”

It was a bit of an off day, which was just fine with me. I’m still processing the O’s respective commencement addresses into my hard drive for future reflections.  And since Lady M wasn’t dressin’ for success yesterday, I took the opportunity to catch up on all of your snarky comments, recuperate from all those mai tais and martunnys from the day before and study our newest nominee to the Supreme Court, Elena Kagan.

I like her name, it just glides off the tongue, which is always a big hit in this administration. Never having been a judge before, she doesn’t have much of a paper trail, so I’m reduced to evaluating her on more superficial aspects – which is also a special advantage around here.

The-supremes Anyway, Elena meets all of Lady M’s criteria: female, but not too female, not too tall, not too slim, and definitely not black (Lady M wants to be the first wise black Suprema – she just needs to get one of her Chicago friends to straighten out that little misunderstanding with her law license.) And she has already demonstrated her ability to wear robes smartly:


But back to Elena - she seems really nice. Both she and Lady M have always been big Supremes/Diana Ross fans (we discovered this on Ellie’s iPod when we were vetting her.)

American Idols-seperated at birth American Idols: separated at birth?

Ellie has Lady M’s total support. She won’t be any competition for her in the fashion-forward department, although I can see Ellie and our wise little Latina going head-to-head for top SCOTUS fashion spot. And there’s likely to be a bit of cat fighting in chambers, since, as mean Ann pointed out, Ruthie will no longer be the pretty one on the bench. (Don’t blame me for bringing it up,I’m just passing it on. Blame Annie, or Gerard – they’re both a couple of troublemakers.)


And here, I think, is a good sign: I couldn’t locate even one image on my hard drive of Ellie wearing red. I’m not saying that this means anything in and of itself. I’m just saying…

9bdc36fd-f4a9-481e-a8b9-b437554f5633 Sonia-Sotomayor

there is definitely a Red Queen  around here somewhere, and I don’t think it’s Ellie.correspondance