Monday, June 7, 2010

Jiffy Pop Girls & Bloggergeddon


It looks like we’re intermittently back on-line, but we don’t know for how long. I’m glad to see that one of my posts slipped through the ether. Bruno’s investigation continues. I hope my fingerprints (so to speak) aren’t on this.The mysterious outage affecting Google Blogger started last night as I was attempting to post pictures from our Ford Theater music celebration late-night working session. I know I was violating the embargo negotiated with ABC for the rights to broadcast the event as part of their 4th of July Celebration on the 2nd of July, but I think that shutting down Blogger is a bit of an overreaction.

In any event, I apologize to all my New Media colleagues who are affected by Lady M’s SS storm troopers response to my mistake.

I did had some goodies for you to enjoy last night. I hope you still can enjoy them tonight:

leaning forward to silently squeeze a mouse100% Organic Jiffy-Pop Girls popped fresh for the Show

The silver streak is from Reynolds Wrap’s “Jiffy-Pop Collection” featured in his Paris runway show this spring. I don’t think NASA could have created anything more fashion forward.

It could have been the SS jamming my signals, the newly active sun spots, my incomplete system recharge or all that tin foil, butt whatever it was, I am soooo sorry for this outfit!

Big Guy seemed a bit out of sorts. Maybe because Helen Thomas had been trying to get a hold of him all day. Something about Secret Service protection and a bag of money. Not sure, but I don’t think Toes let her talk to him. Anyway, by the time we left he was complaining of stomach pains.

60663991 “SBD”?

I’m sure Berry felt he got away with one, but the poor guy sitting next to him …whew!

arsinio hoot


How many times does Lady M have to tell Big Guy to save the “Arsenio hoots” for movie nights at the Big White theater with Joey B and Gibbsy?

where is TOTUS Are You Listening to Yourself? Moron!

We couldn’t bring TOTUS to the performance so Big Guy had to “wing it.” That always means it’s going to take 10 times longer than appropriate. But between the winging it and the dyspepsia, he forgot to mention that yesterday was D-Day. But it’s not like it’s really important, like Jay-Z Day, or anything.

I really hope this Blogger outage is over soon, and that Bruno’s investigation into a potential “Mirror-caused Disaster” exonerates me.  Everybody on Blogger is affected and a really big thread of complainers has developed. The best suggestion to Blogger for resolution came from the blogprof at 7:17AM: "Plug the damn hole!"

That’s always good advice, blogprof. Maybe you can help stop Big Guy’s oil leak too.