Friday, June 11, 2010

Mamas, Please Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys

Day 53: Big Guy’s still not resting.

Lady M is still recuperating from her cold, which she’s been bravely fighting since Tuesday when she helped pack healthy lifestyle snack bags for the DC kids with fat behinds.  (Don’t worry, she used hand sanitizer.)

june8-2 Lady M packin’ healthy snacks in her Pippi Longstockings

Then later that same day, and still suffering from the sniffles, she managed to put in a brief appearance at the Congressional Picnic to enjoy some smoked salmon and Chicago style dogs before taking to her bed again. She said it was just a rebound of her cold, but I think it was those Chicago style dogs she enjoyed so much at the picnic.



Here are the official requirements for a Chicago style hot dog: 1) yellow mustard, 2) hot peppers, 3) neon green sweet relish, 4) dill pickle, 5) tomatoes, 6) onions, 7) celery seed. Oh, and a hot dog – Vienna beef. On a poppy seed bun. Mmm, mmm, mmm.

The Chicago Hot Dogs were a big hit at first, but later on they began to give everyone indigestion.

The Chicago hot dog posse:

Was2128551 Rhambo “Silver Balls”

val and desiValarie and Desi


   The undertakers

  Oh bama The Cerebral Wonsnow think   Does this help  explain “Chicago style” a little better?

Meanwhile Big Guy will be busy not resting until the damn hole is plugged. Right now he’s just waiting for someone to request a waiver of the Jones Act so he can allow the foreign ships that have volunteered to help with the cleanup and recovery into the region. But so far: no one has asked. Can you believe it?  Maybe I should give George W. Bush a call. During his Hurricane Katrina, he just went ahead and waived the Jones Act all by himself, without waiting for anyone to ask. What a cowboy. Maybe he can ask Big Guy for a waiver.