Thursday, June 10, 2010

R Prez: ‘Sum Fresh Tracks Been Layin’ Down

Have you heard about Big Guy’s Rap video? Everyone around here has been told to deny it, because it certainly isn’t true. And all we need is plausible deniability that the MSM will run with. So Big Guy produced a receipt proving that he was in Chicago registering voters for the upcoming election on the date the video was being shot Atlanta.

Isn’t this totally amazing? That Big Guy keeps 1993 receipts from Domino’s but can’t seem to locate his birth certificate?

Anyway, as you can see here, this whopper has now been whacked.

And that pile of snow didn’t belong to him either.


I don’t think the guy in the video looks that much like Big Guy anyway –  at least not since his nose job. And I’m not talking smack.

barack-obama nose reagan-obama-16089765564_xlarge

“Just a little off the top and sides”


And I already know what your next question is: “ So, did Lady M get  a nose job too, on the 2-for-1 special?

Official answer: absolutely not.


She went for the full machine-grooming.


But you didn’t hear that from me.