Sunday, June 6, 2010

Soak the Rich

Boy, are Lady M and Big Guy ever cranked.

Apparently Joey B and Dr. Jill threw a party on Saturday and didn’t even invite POTUS and FLOTUS. Tacky, since Smootie has invited the Bees to almost every big party that we’ve ever had here.

Joey and Jill invited mostly relatives, staff and - of course – the press. I think they just assumed Big Guy would be busy plugging that damn hole.

But it sure looks like it would have been fun.

rahmbo and uzi

Rahmbo brought his uzi back with him from the Holy Land and uses it to attack the big mouth press corp(se) who has now decided that Israel is the Great Satan.

joey Joey is gunned down by a Palestinian peace activist.


Yikes, I sure hope that’s a water gun that the young manneken pis is brandishing.

Frankly I’m glad we weren’t invited. All that moisture tends to give me sudden system freeze-ups for days after wards. But that’s beside the point. All I can say is don’t expect an invitation to our next party either, Dr. Jill and Joey.