Monday, August 2, 2010

Michelle, Marbella. Sont des mots qui vont tres bien ensemble.

Yesterday kicked off the start of a very busy month here at the Big White. First and most important of course is Big Guy’s birthday. We’ll be celebrating that in Spain, while Big Guy is in Boyz Town  Chicago racking up the loot for future conquests.

bo and kang All aboard for Boyz Town! H/T Mrs. P.

But we’re bringing our iPhones to Spain, so we can phone it in - our personal wishes, that is. Then when we get back from our pre, pre, pre-vacation we’ll just barely have time to pack for our pre, pre, pre, pre-vacation on the Gulf where we’re actually going to have to go outside in the hot sun for photo ops.

 upand away

Happy Family returning from Chicago, above, and Bar Harbor, below


When we get home from that exhausting vacation, we’ll barely have time to pack for our real vacation on the Vineyards. As I said, a very busy month.

Lady M is also  dealing with the defection of her communications director Camille Johnston, who will be taking a job in the private sector. I was surprised at first, since I didn’t think there were any jobs left in the private sector. But when I heard she was going to work for Siemens as VP of Corporate Communications,

wind turbine blade fort madison io Big Guy at Siemens wind turbine blade plant in Iowa, last April

I realized it was one of the millions of jobs that Big Guy created or saved! Eric Spiegel, president and CEO for Siemens Corporation, said:

"Our Company's portfolio is well-aligned with America's priorities right now, and we believe our technologies can move the national agenda forward.  This is a major reason why we are moving our U.S. headquarters to DC – and why we are thrilled to have Camille's extensive communications and public affairs expertise to help us position Siemens more broadly in this country."

Allow me to interpret: “we’re going to milk this administration’s obsession with a green energy agenda and we think Cammi can help us gain access to the people who are handing out all the ‘green’.” So we’ll still be hearing from her regularly, but that doesn’t mean we won’t still miss her. As MO said in a formal statement:

"Camille has become a trusted advisor to me and to the entire East Wing. From our first day in the White House when we opened the doors and greeted visitors, she has led a communications team that has developed creative and effective strategies for the Let's Move! campaign, our work on behalf of military families, arts and cultural events in the White House and our international agenda. Her dedication, calming presence and expertise have been invaluable. She will be missed, but we wish her all the best."

Again, allow me to interpret: “Camille’s the one who’s been doing all the heavy lifting around here, so don’t expect a whole lot from me until we find another worker bee a replacement.” And that’s the real reason we’re taking August off.

camille%20johnston%20white%20house desiree-rogers1


Cammi, Desi and Jackie: Three down, 19 more to go…

Lady M was so upset about losing Cammi that she needed to get away for a bit. But you can tell that the girlfriend vacay in Spain was pulled together at the last minute, and we didn’t do all the homework.

villapadierna1 Villa Padierna at the Costa del Sol resort of Marbella

Although the Villa Padierna on the Costa del Sol resort of Marbella is a 5-star resort, it is apparently a tacky  5-star resort. According to the Telegraph: 

Yet despite the sophistication and elegance of the (resort) where Mrs Obama will arrive with her nine-year-old daughter Sasha on Wednesday, Marbella's reputation does not make it an obvious destination for the First Lady.

Indeed, her decision to holiday on the Costa del Sol has been met with bemusement by some, who associate Marbella more with reality television stars, gangsters, corrupt politicians and wannabe WAGs (wives and girlfriends) than with the genuinely chic and classy Mrs Obama.

Oh, I don’t know: reality tee vee star, check. Gangsters, check. Corrupt politicians – well frankly, this is getting just a bit too obvious don’t you think? Anyway, Lady M had read that Jackie O used to go there to cavort with European royalty and she decided that if it was good enough for Jackie it was good enough for her. She should have done a little more checking on Travelocity. Although normally that would have been Cammie’s job.

Jackie-Kennedy1-5673Jackie, traveling first, with class