Thursday, August 5, 2010

WikiLeaker-2? For Cripes Sakes!?!

I don’t know how she got her hands on them, (although since she’s a Jersey Shores gal, I suspect Snooki, or Mike, the Situation) butt there’s going to be a full investigation this time. WikiLeaker-2 (aka Cripes Suzette) today posted “leaked” reflections of Lady M enjoying her “mother-daughter” vacation in Spain. The photos were leaked in direct violation of our Inter-National Security blackout of MO’s Spanish activities.

I can’t blame Cripes for posting the leaked pics, and it did put to bed one of the controversies being stirred up by those trolls at FOX News: Was Wee Won-2 really in Spain with MOm?

SPAIN/Proof: Lady M +Wee Won-2 (stripes in circle) via Cripes Suzette

Of course Wee Won-2’s in Spain. It’s not really a “mother-daughter” vacation without at least one mother AND one daughter now is it? Sheesh! Butt I guess I should say, “thanks for clearing that up.”

Anyway, since Cripes let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, I guess it’s ok for me to reflect a bit myself.  But please, don’t pass them on.

13Lady M(in her favorite MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA asymmetrical sandals) & Wee Won-2: Any Thoughts on the Toe Count, Suzette? It appears to be more than a high-5.


3 Lady M on a tour of a Spanish hoosegow and treating the Spaniards to her signature fashion forward style, now where did that little Wee-won 2 go?

I know there have been a lot of jealous, racist comments and criticisms about our choice of chic tops yesterday,

moand SS guy 

butt I think once you fully understand the transformational nature of its design, you’ll agree it’s not just fashion forward, but likewise a practical, politically correct wardrobe choice.

Spain Michelle ObamaTransformer-Top Down 

headscarf-transformer-2-up copy Transformer-Top Up

Comprende? I thought so. Spain is full of Muslims, who we love and respect and don’t want to piss off, and there are many Muslim tourist attractions here. So, let’s say we find ourselves in a mosque; what do we do to demonstrate our sincerely faked respect for their religion of peace, and their funny little customs? That’s right, instant, and fashionable, headscarf! And you must admit, it’s a much better look than Nan managed to pull off in her attempt to feign respect.

pelosi scarfAlthough it is a Hermes… 

I’ve also seen a lot of racist complaints about the number of people traveling in our posse, the number of 5 star rooms we’ve booked (less than 100) and the average nightly cost of the rooms ($2,500 each - if you exclude our $6500 villa with 24/7 butler service, private pool and organic garden). Let me just remind you: elections have consequences, and – hello- we Won!

Besides, many of our posse are SS storm troopers assigned to protect us. See if you can pick them out. I’ll give you a hint: they’re the ones who are packin’ ( assist to Gerard on that one - it’s his term, not mine).

leader of the packSpot any here?

7How about here?  Now where did that little sausage disappear to again?

 hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go  Which Won here?

Trick question, but here’s a hint: it’s two out of three (that we know of)