Thursday, October 21, 2010

Disaster In the Organic Garden of Good and Evil

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Disaster struck the Big White Organic Garden yesterday, shortly after 4:00 PM, EST.

the challenge begins

Unconfirmed as yet, it appears that a windy city storm, dubbed “Hurricane LaVaughn, blew through the Big White organic garden yesterday, decimating the harvest. The sweet potatoes appeared to be hardest hit:

seriously, do we have anything besides sweet potatoes diggin for dollars

Also among the victims; broccoli,

what a treat

turnips, still so small they could have been mistaken for icicle radishes,

turnip umm, yummy turnips

“maybe they’d taste better with a little Malden sea salt”

and pumpkins - that never stood a chance of reaching Jack-O-Lantern size.

we'll just bury it “we’ll just bury it right here and let it rest in peace”

(with this year’s disappointing pumpkin harvest, maybe there is something to Vanderleun’s charge of “pumpkin smuggling” – in  THINKING RIGHT)

The atmospheric disturbance, undoubtedly caused by Global Warming  Climate Change, which appears to have originated in a deep and rapidly growing West Wing depression, also caused the Big White bees to fly the coop. It’s unclear as of yet if they will consider returning to sweeten the Big White’s mood in the lame duck session.

 bee box “the bees were last seen buzzing over the Capital Building before heading off in all different directions”

World famous chefs were immediately air lifted in to honor and comfort what few vegetables survived Hurricane LaVaughn. The surviving legumes and roots were served for dinner to local school children who were bussed in to help clean up the aftermath.

chefs in the garden of good and evil

Chef Comerford Weigh in for the survivors

sorry babe, no more broccoli Lady M consoles a young volunteer: “sorry, babe, none of the broccoli made it. Would you like a turnip?”

Big White spokesman, Tim “Caveman” Burton, was dismissive and at times derisive in dodging questions from this reporter regarding the Administration’s inadequate garden safeguards and slow response to mitigating the damage. President Obama, who was reportedly “shooting hoops” when “LaVaughn” struck has yet to comment publically on the crisis. Critics charged that the President, currently campaigning for fellow Dems in Seattle, “just doesn’t care about vegetables” claiming that  “if it had been meat, he’d have been there.”

Reporting from the White House organic garden, this is Little Mo.

Back to you MOTUS.