Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We Need All Dem Zombies at the Polls

In order to make their victory complete, the Homecoming King and Queen need your help to ensure that their hand chosen candidates get elected to their court:

HT/ Barbara at Mommy Life

Without their favorite courtesans, Big Guy and Lady M can’t guarantee that we’ll win the biggest game of our lives.

So what do you say kids? Do you have a few hours the weekend before the election to help us get the vote out?


 tombstones,%20graves,%20cemeteriesPlease, no racists, haters, Nazis, witches, whores, homophobes or Islamaphobes need apply. All other voters are welcome.

2 votes for obama copy Big Guy and Zombie vote for HOPE & CHANGE in ‘08

And for a limited time only, we are offering a special two-votes-for-the-price-of-one to all first time Dem-Zombies. Don’t miss your chance to make a difference. Help us get the vote “out”:

Democrats rise to vote in Chicago

If you liked this, you’ll love the full length movie: