Monday, October 18, 2010

Moving American Forward with Backwards Fashions, Buckeyes and Bongs

There’s no way to describe the evening other than “magical.” After all, it marked the first time Big Guy and Lady M campaigned together since 2008. And we all know how successful that song and dance routine was. But with most of our fellow Dems on the ropes – apparently due in part to some of the CHANGE they didn’t know they were voting for - it has become clear that it’s time to call in the big guns. I don’t think I need mention who’s packin’ the “largest caliber” on Team Obama.


So there we were, on the Oval in front of Hayes Hall at Ohio State, surrounded by 35,000 adoring youngsters and their college professors who we hope will put down the bong long enough on November 2 to make it to the polls and vote for our BFF, Ted Strickland. We were planning to hand out free beer, but apparently the campus police - who were still cleaning up after the Buckeyes’ unexpected 31-18 loss to Wisconsin on Saturday - put the kibosh on that. But since we’re now officially calling these campus events pep rallies, the  students all knew it was BYO.

I used to think calling these political rallies “pep rallies”  was a bit sophomoric. But as TOTUS pointed out, and he would know, since he was there from the start, all of Big Guy’s campaign events have been pep rallies. After all, how else to you sell HOPE and CHANGE without any substantive message?

And while Big Guy keeps accusing Republicans of wanting to return to their same failed policies of cutting taxes and regulation, oddly enough, it’s the Dems who don’t seem to want to run on Big Guy’s failed policies of HOPE and CHANGE.

But on to the important stuff: Big Guy told the HUGE crowd that Government should be “lean and efficient” but that “we also believe that government should be there to help people do what they can’t do better for themselves.”  That would include such things as deciding what kind of light bulb you can buy, how much water your toilet can use, what McDonalds should include in their Happy Meal, how much salt chefs are permitted to use, and whether or not Grandma is too old to receive the latest cancer treatment, or should just get the pain pills instead. You can see how this is going to be tricky, because being lean and efficient when, really, there’s nothing that people can do better for themselves is going to be tough.

Just a Note of interest: we still seem to be suffering from PTPSD: post traumatic POTUS Seal Disorder.  If this keeps up, we’re going to have to consider something beyond self-medication to overcome our fear of medallions symbolically crashing to the ground:

no seal againOhio State Oval: still no POTUS Seal

I don’t normally place too much significance on symbolic events, and I haven’t seen Strickland’s Monday poll, but after our Sunday pep rally, I do see that the Buckeyes fell from #1 in the rankings to #10. That’s not the kind of CHANGE we are looking for.

And I know this is what you’re really interested in: MO’s casual yet elegant fashion “forward” statement. With clothes this distracting, who needs a stinkin’  POTUS seal anyway?


Now if you’ve been paying attention, you will recognize this as the front-wise version of the backwards sweater-blouse that Plague Fairy posted for us a couple days ago, and RPFreeSpeech yesterday:

backwards sweater shirt Who am I to say which way is backwards? After all MO is the fashion icon.

In these hard times, you have to admire fashion choices that allow you to wear it  more than one way, depending on how you feel when you wake up in the morning. On the other hand, at a time when over half the country already feels we’re moving in the wrong direction, and you’re appearing at a series of pep rallies billed as “Moving America Forward” maybe the reverse-facing option is not be the best sartorial message.

But if I’m wrong, and this is just another postmodern deconstruction of reality, here’s another “blouse” that would probably look better on Lady M if we were to re-align it’s forward momentum to a butt covering orientation:

b4and after

histepping Settling into Air Force Won for our return flight: all our troubles are behind us.