Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Looking Chic on a Dime

If ever there was an opportunity for Lady M to show her stuff, it was last night at the Sex in the City rally on Broadway. She definitely stole the show from Sarah Jessica, who is beginning to look a little less “sex” and a little more “city.”  Maybe Lady M can refer her to some of her own excellent estheticians...

sjp Sarah Jessica: yikes!

and one of her wighat-ologists. I’m sure she can afford them with her S&C residuals. Because unless SJP’s posing for a new coin of the realm, this look just isn’t working for her.

silver mercury dime copy

 The Mercury Dime, 1941

Click to see how Sarah Jessica became a dime!

Lady M on the other hand was the image of chic. In a homage to her dinner host, Donna Karan, MO wrapped herself in one of the super-tensile strength lycra bondage body suits that first made Donna famous among the lipo-challenged fashionistas.

dk underwire body suit Donna Karan’s “super-luxe” underwire body suit works its wonders on any body.






She finished the look by pulling on one of Donna’s body clingers in one of our new fall palate favorites, gun metal gray. This clingy knit would have been a bold move, had we not just completed phase 10 of our 12 step hippo-suction program. We wanted to look our best on the campaign trail, and so far I think it’s working.

I think our appearance last night turned out pretty well, all things considered. What say you?

m, sjp, jill Dark colors, artfully placed gathers, body armor: fantabulous!

Unlike the magenta runway model (seen in previous post), MO’s was a tastefully chic street length version. Here we are arriving at Donna’s home for cocktails and dinner:

obama-partyphoto: WWD

Lady M wisely choose both a Donna K dress and camel coat, both of which look great with her sista’ silver heels.

Here are a few of the the other hot shots arriving for Cosmos at DK’s, left to right: Dianne von Furstenberg, Isaac Mizrahi (sockless), Michael Kors (sockless) and Oprah’s BFF, Gail King.

dianne vonfurstenburg isaac mizrahi obama-party08 gail king

photos: WWD

It was a great party. Lady M gave a little speech about her late father, Fraser Robinson 3rd, who suffered from multiple sclerosis and struggled to get to work every day but did it for his family (that must be where Lady M learned to sacrifice). She said he is still a major source of inspiration to her. He probably ate organic fruits and vegetables too.

I’m not exactly  sure what the point of this story was, other than to mention that her father was a great lover of the arts and jazz, and the group was on their way to the St. James Theatre on Broadway to hear Patti LaBelle perform. Or maybe she just got her inspirational stories mixed up since she’s been so busy inspiring so many Americans to keep the HOPE and CHANGE alive.

Either way, one thing MO didn’t mention, but something I heard from Granny R: Dad Fraser Robinson 3rd would have been appalled to see grown men show up for a dinner party without socks. He wouldn’t have dreamed of going out – anywhere – without them. But then, he was so old fashioned he also thought ladies were not properly dressed unless they were wearing stockings. Ha ha! That’s a good one.

robertsavageandnanettelepore_thumb2photo: WWD

Nanette Lepore, sporting pasty, gnarly bare legs


Let the record reflect for future purposes however that several of the fashionistas showing up for Donna’s soiree sported dark tinted stockings like Dianne von Furstenberg, above, and Georgiana Chapman and Jill Stuart, below:

georginachapman_thumb        jillstuart_thumb photos: WWD

Do you think I’ve spotted a trend? Oh, I hope so too!