Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Birthday Service at The Source

We kicked off a very, very busy week with our newly minted Martin Luther King National Day of Service (not to be confused with our National Day of Service, observed on 9/11, which serves a completely different purpose). In order to do our part, the whole family headed over to a local school cafeteria to paint cartoon fruits and vegetables.

What better way to observe very special occasions like the 25th anniversary of MLK Day than to follow the Wons’ example and paint propaganda cute little fruits and vegetables on a column in a local school cafeteria to promote better nutrition? Dr. King would be so proud: taking his dream of justice and equality to the wall.

232x407wallaVincent Van O paints a healthy, hungry-free apple on the wall

You may recall that Big Guy talked about service just last week at the big memorial for the victims of the Arizona tragedy. So you know it’s very much on his mind.

Perhaps the Greater D.C. Cares Mentoring Matters Initiative  - they organized the Wons’ “mentoring” visit yesterday – should draft a proposal for a  “Greater America Cares Mentoring Matters Initiative” program. That way young people, not suited for Big Guy’s National Security Force, could join an equally important organization in order to fulfill their national service.

Because there are still thousands of school cafeteria columns waiting to be painted with helpful reminders of what kind of food the government thinks you should eat.

And a blank wall is a terrible thing to waste.

red pepper flexHey look! A red pepper flexing its toned arm muscles.

community svc MLK Butt she forgot to wear her red shirt.

seaofred  As did Big Guy;I guess we’re still a little sensitive about T-shirts

This is all a build up to the HUGE announcement coming on Thursday when Lady M unveils a new initiative "impacting food formulation, availability and affordability." Wow! I’ve got goose bumps.

Butt, when we were done with all that, Big Guy and the birthday girl went to dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s tony pan-Asian restaurant, The Source.

gallery_inset_image_386a306c784b5fc37d01530ba7c6e2b4 Thank goodness; the bar seems to be well stocked


Pan-Asian?  Am I wrong? I thought Wolfie was German. Or Austrian (they speak Austrian, right?) – or something a little more Teutonic and a little less Asian. Not that it matters.

Anyway, I don’t know everything they had to eat at the Source, butt I do know what they didn’t have: fruits and vegetables. Unless you count the 15 layer carrot cake.

Other delicious little birthday treats we enjoyed: crispy suckling pig

suckling pige_2935b47d1d7481e042642323a140c2c2

and Kobe sliders, of course, because



it really wouldn’t be a birthday without them, now would it?



I know you want to see what Lady M wore to dinner with those boots  under that coat:

thighspyCan you believe we’re 47!!!! It’s like the new 17.

Sorry, no pics allowed. All I can tell you is that it was short.