Thursday, January 20, 2011

What’s Black and White and Red All Over?


I think we can all agree that last night was a huge success.


We had a fabulous dinner, fabulous fashions, and fabulous guests:

anna  article-1348813-0CD56B99000005DC-778_306x378  HELLOKITTY michelle

Anna, Barbra, Vera and one of the many other Michelles (note: no red here)

article-1348813-0CD56EB4000005DC-491_306x502 And Jackie Chan!!! Just like I promised.

Also, ex-Governor  Jon Huntsman (and current ambassador to China) was there:


He’s the man the New York Times has decided the Republicans should run for president in 2012, because he’s a good moderate capable of being bipartisan (i.e. vote our way). And don’t discount the NYT’s recommendations; their track record is pretty good.

China has already declared that not only the dinner, but the entire mission, was a huge success:

China is calling President Hu Jintao’s talks with President Barack Obama successful, and says the two leaders reached "important consensus” on a wide range of issues…

He said the two sides reached "important consensus" on many issues, including military relations, North Korea, Iran, Sudan, space, technology and high-level exchanges. He did not go into detail on the issues.

Of course the “important consensus” is the same kind we reached regarding global warming – anyone who doesn’t agree is ignored (or in China’s case, imprisoned). Of course we haven’t yet reached “important consensus” on some of the thornier issues such as human rights and currency valuation.

Butt that’s how things work in The People’s Republic of China: they announce the results they want and then act as if it were so. You can do that if you don’t have to worry about the opinions of the pesky plebeians and are ruled by their betters.

And speaking of Red Queens, I thought you might get a kick out of this. Lady M was not our first FLOTUS to wear red for a State dinner:

columbian prez The Clintons,the last time we were on good terms with Columbia

slide_3726_52832_large The Bush’s, the last time we were on good terms with Mexico

And while pink, that’s still technically a hue of red:

slide_3726_52857_large The Kennedy’s, the last time we were on good terms with Iran

Hmmmm. I wonder what that means?



From Drudge:

hoBlack and White and Red all over

 michelle-obama-carla-brunni Black and green