Friday, January 28, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: MOTUS Boutique Announces the New Lynn II WTF Collection!!! OINK!!!

To commemorate our first, historic re-election campaign theme, “Win The Future” MOTUS has stocked her Boutique shelves with the new, commemorative Lynn II WTF Collection T-shirts.

Lynn II's WTF Collection copy

In response to popular demand (I am so supply side), MOTUS unleashed her crackerjack design team (MOTUS) to create this new product line (named in honor of Lynn II who gave birth to the concept) and had her fulfillment team (Little Mo & Little Bo) stock the shelves of her extraordinary boutique with this unprecedented, historic t-shirt collection.



Lynn II’s Original

WTF-Obama 2012















The “?” Variation







Act now, Zazzle has t-shirts ON SALE!!!!

(Offer is valid through January 29, 2011 at 11:59 PM PT.

 zazzle sale copy

Remember, you can have this new fashion forward design emblazoned on any of Zazzle’s products so SHOP ’TILL YOU DROP!!!


PS: I pass on creeper’s comment from yesterday for your consideration if you’re going to order:

“Oddly, I just bought a shirt from this company.  They do good work but shirts seem to run small...especially ladies'.  Shirts are printed as ordered in most cases, so it takes a bit longer than most in-stock places.”

I’ve checked the quality assurance standards in the past, and concur that the women’s sizes do seem to “run small.”