Tuesday, January 25, 2011

'Barky Horror Fiction Show' SOTU Live Thread Tonight! Game Time: 9:00 EST

I’ve taken the “Don’t drink and blog” pledge, so I won’t be participating in any of this evening’s annual SOTU Interweb live drunk blogging and drinking games.

Butt thanks to MaryOhSoContrary’s (MOSC) suggestion, I will be hosting an “open-mic night” so we can all share the pain (there will be pain) and let our inner dawgs out. Don’t worry if, like Eric Cantor, you didn’t get a date for the prom. We’ll all go stag together.

Why you really want to follow-along in real time is beyond me: I’m only going because it’s my job. Normally I’d recommend DVR’ing it so you can fast forward through all the non-partisan applause and the “blah, blah, blah” parts.

But if you insist on watching the whole dance live, love to play games and don’t want to be hung over tomorrow, Sarjex has a designated blogger version: SOTU Bingo:


Just be sure to substitute something other than an adult beverage for every time you get Bingo, (otherwise, while your consumption will be slower than if you just pick one word, you’ll still have a hangover tomorrow). So how about you reward yourself instead with one of Lady M’s (other) guilty pleasures: a big old scoop of fudge, right out of the jar. I would recommend  Sanders hot fudge – none finer. Preferably on a fine vanilla ice cream with chopped pecans. Whipped cream is nice, but definitely optional. If you are a diabetic, my lawyer advises me that you are not eligible to play along. Butt you get my drift: it’s going to be a loooong evening so grab some comfort food. And try not to frighten the dog.

Anyway, I wish I could play along with you all night, butt as you know, I’ll be busier than the backstage handlers at a Miss America pageant. I’ll try to drop in from time to time, although the cameras love to zoom in on Lady M, requiring me to keep my refractors up at all times. The last time I let my guard down at the SOTU we wound up with that picture of her arse attracting her own moon.


I understand  Echo went rogue on us earlier today. Hopefully it has had it’s demons exorcized and won’t give anyone any more trouble.

And with that, I officially unleash the banshees. Have at it.

Just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

And if anything goes awry, just remember: it was all MaryOhSoContrary’s idea, not mine.


PS: Here’s Vodkapundit’s confessional on the genesis of drunk blogging games as well as a link to tonight’s drunk blogging.