Monday, January 24, 2011

Goodbye America

goodby america Big Guy waves goodbye

With all my Sundance responsibilities, I haven’t even mentioned the appointment of our newest  economics czar (head of the President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness), Jeffrey Immelt:


seen here with wife Andrea at our pro-China rally last week.

I guess he was hired because he’s done such a good job at GE been such a reliable cheerleader for Big Guy’s economic policies. Although, the appointment is not without controversy; even the normally civil Fred Barnes was a bit harsh:

President Obama may not have picked the worst possible corporate executive to head his new panel on job creation. But Immelt is pretty close.

Other critics weren’t as nice:

"Obama and Immelt are mutually dependent on each other. Obama needs corporate money for his re-election campaign and Immelt needs the president's muscle to continue the Administration's war on cheap energy to make GE's renewable energy products economically competitive," said Tom Borelli, Ph.D., director of the National Center's Free Enterprise Project. "Making energy prices skyrocket is not an economic recovery plan. It's a recipe for economic disaster.

Just because he favored Big Guy’s stimulus, healthcare plan and - most importantly - Cap and Trade doesn’t exactly warrant the term “Pet CEO.”

bo immelt “sit!”

Oh, did I mention that GE makes wind turbines? And is one of the world’s largest investors in non-conventional (i.e. “non-carbon based” energy) energy? That’s a good thing, right? Especially if we pass that carbon Cap and Trade bill?

Butt that’s not why Jeffrey supports Big Guy’s Cap and Trade. No, his reasons are much more disturbing scientific “

In an interview on CNBC in 2009, Immelt said he found the science on global warming to be “compelling. So it’s question of when and not if there’s going to be something done on carbon.”

I’m beginning to see why he was invited to our Chinese pep rally.

And Jeff returned the favor by inviting Big Guy to one of his plants in Schenectady, New York last week to peer into our future.


Just in case you can’t clearly see what’s at the bottom of Jeff’s abyss, here’s another angle:

flag Bye, bye to another  piece of America’s pie

I understand there’s an over/under pool going on when the generator plant gets outsourced to Beijing.

Butt don’t worry, Big Guy’s first concern, as he’s telling everyone who’ll listen, is growing the economy here at home, and he will spend tomorrow evening explaining how we’re going to do this through new “investments.” In the usual suspects.

That should work. We certainly know a thing or two about enbiggening around here.

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