Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An Accessible Fashion Icon Speaks, You know? UPDATE II: TODAY UPDATE III: LIVE!

 Sweet-CST-0209.jpg Presser Luncheon with the Ladies who report so you can decide

To officially kick off our 2nd big year of Lady M’s Let’s Move! campaign we invited the ladies who cover us to lunch. Amazingly, most of them forgot to bring their cameras, butt here’s a shot of Lady M in her February sleeveless Marc Jacobs dress – very fashion forward as it won’t be summer for another whole 4 months.

Lynn Sweet from the O’s hometown paper reported on the wide range of questions that MO fielded (all pre-screened of course – we’ve discovered that we don’t really do off-the-cuff all that well).

We covered food (“I like to talk about my obsession with french fries because I don’t want people to think that “Let’s Move” is about complete, utter deprivation. ”). No indeed; complete, utter deprivation is for the little people.

watermarksDemonstrating moderation at the National Mentoring Conference, January 25, 2011

On fashion –  we put to rest the rumor that Ikram is history: “I’ve always bought clothes from Ikram. And to the extent that — I mean, it’s really nothing has kind of changed. It’s kind of interesting where these stories come from, that sort of thing. I didn’t do anything different. I didn’t.” You know? And about the flap over wearing an English designer for the Woo Hu affair: “But there are a lot of other designers that have cute stuff, too.” You know? Cute stuff? Wear what you love. You know?

On Sarah Palin: (“I don’t think about her in this initiative,” the skinny little  b***h!).

Big Guy’s smoking (he doesn’t, “I’m very proud if him.”)  And so are we! How brave! And not only did he not gain any weight - he’s still losing! If only we could bottle his secret.

On religion: (“I have a hard time talking about something that is so personal.” So she didn’t. “Yeah. ... I mean, it’s like talking about — some things are just mine, you know?” Yeah, we know. It’s a little intrusive, you know? Like telling parents what to feed their kids, or restaurant owners what size portions they can sell. Or something, you know?

She passed on the opportunity to discuss her views on same-sex marriage. I think we can assume that, like Big Guy’s, her views are still “evolving.” Always good to keep an open mind, especially when you can’t tell yet which position will prove most beneficial in the next election.

Later in the afternoon, Lady M called the Mayor, Dayne Walling, of Flint, Michigan to congratulated him on Flint becoming the 500th city in the nation to join the "Let's Move!" campaign. I don’t know about the other 499 cities, butt I’ve been to Flint, and I can sure see why they would be planning to move. It’s not quite Detroit, butt it’s real close.

Got to run: Today and Regis and Kelley this morning – Wow! Who ever would have guessed that our anti-obesity campaign would have brought us to the big time. Is this a great country, or what? (Although I hope we don’t have to stand next to Kelly – that’s a stress even for my refractor system.)


PS: We’re wearing sleeves this morning! How fashion forward is that?!


Here we are on TODAY with that adorable little bald Matt Lauer:

mo-1 Recycled look from year one: boob belt! Updated with a trendy boob flap. Apparently boobs are back in style at the Big White.

Black and white (symbolic) dots: gigundo red boob belt (retro fashion forward) and while you can’t see them, yellow-green shoes.

I would just like to apologize upfront, butt NBC has a pretty strong union, and they wouldn’t let me on the set. I did the best I could -remote refracting back into the camera lens - butt there are limits to what I can do off stage. I’m hoping Rege and Kelly have a more lenient union.




Left, promo shot for segment later in the program. Right, actual interview, with cleavage added by the helpful makeup artist on staff.

And here’s a shot of the shoes:


…and lastly, here’s MO doing her best Sarah Palin – who she never thinks of – impersonation for Matt’s benefit:


We’ve got to get over to ABC now. Later.

UPDATE III:  Well, things went pretty well over on the Regis and Kelly Live! set.

Look! Kelly doesn’t even look scared. Good thing she wore her 5 inch heels today though:


Even though we didn’t have time for a whole outfit change between NBC and ABC, we did make a few wardrobe adjustments: first, we tucked our boob flaps up and in so it didn’t look like we were leaking.


And we had our cleavage repainted over at ABC, in order to make us look more “natural.”  Not to dis the NBC makeup team, butt I think the ABC crew just “gets” Lady M a little better. What do you think?

FireShot-_1 cleavage paint shot

Repainting of the cleavage stripe-age: from NBC’s one dark stripe down the middle (amateur) to ABC’s  light stripe down the middle with a dark stripe on either side (definitely a professional job).

And for goodness sake, whoever would have thought that Lady M could learn anything from ditzy Kelly, let alone sitting decorum!!!!

Butt looky here, Miss Skinny Mini has all of her important parts covered, even though she has her legs crossed at the knee. That’s a good start, as far as Miss Manners is concerned.

1st lady legs 

And finally, a recap of all the money quotes from Matt’s interview this morning: here’s a clip of Lady M’s answers to the really important questions: “has Big Guy softened his position on Mubarak leaving?”“so the Prez has quit smoking, eh?” – and finally, “you’re not taking our tater tots away, are you!?”

This was a lot of fun. We should really do more TeeVee.


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