Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pop’s Big 90th Birthday Party

So, here we are in Michigan celebrating Little Mo’s Pop’s 90th birthday. Everybody’s here; Raj, Dewey from Detroit, me, Little Mo and all the millions of Little Mo’s sibs and nieces and nephews. One of Little Mo’s brothers broke his ankle a few days ago, so he has to scoot around with his cast encrusted tootsies on a really cool, well, scooter.

Pop was really happy to see everybody, especially Little Mo, because he didn’t know we were flying in for the big event. It was a really important birthday: not everyone gets to celebrate 90 years and also, it’s his first birthday in 65 years without Little Mo’s Mom, who slipped her earthly bonds for much better environs with the angels.

There will be too much food (as always), too much noise (as always) and the “Jeopardy” style game of guessing things about Mom & Pop, that happened before most of the partiers were born, will surely go on a little too long. The boy’s team will win because Little Mo is the oldest in his clan and knows almost all the answers.

There’s a ton of snow in southern Michigan, like nearly everywhere else, but our commercial flight managed smooth sailing and docking. Unfortunately Little Mo left his special B-Day card back at the Big White in all the commotion – the one featuring Pop’s two favorite appliances, a recliner chair and the remote control. Butt no problem, all the snow reminded me of a picture I saw over at Gerard’s American Digest, so Raj swiped it, I  trans-imaged some words onto it and Dewey printed it up:

happy birthday-pop-little mo copy

Well, I better run now, candles are being lit (although that could take awhile) and I’ve got some singing to do. Then, later, Pop is going to lead us in a toast to another very important guy born today too: Ronald Reagan would have been 100! Way older than Pop.

pops aviation days Ronald_Reagan_in_the_US_Army_Air_Force_1940s







Pop in his Navy fly-boy suit, Ronnie in his Army fly-boy suit.

Happy Birthday to a couple of our favorite Americans who both know a thing or two about the price of freedom.