Friday, February 11, 2011

“Let’s MOve.” The First Anniversary Edition

I’m not at liberty to tell you whether Lady  M has hired a new stylist or not, but as you can see here, she has a new publicist. Not that she needed one  - our coverage has been universally obsequious, and we’ve won more fawning awards than any FLOTUS in history.  But here’s a snippet from our latest:

Just how did an intellectually brilliant Harvard Law School graduate, with a $273,500-a-year salary as a Chicago hospital executive and a wardrobe of corporate tailored outfits morph into an adoring wife and casual mom with a penchant for J.Crew knitwear, jeans and brightly patterned dresses?

Exactly what everyone is asking. Butt being a fashion icon presents problems as well:

The conundrum of style power, as seen in an enormously varied wardrobe, is that it has been viewed as the only focus of this intelligent and highly educated first lady, who flowered from roots in a family of Southern slaves. How many people think about Mrs. Obama’s campaigns for healthy eating, compared with her choice of sleeveless dresses?

In answer to that, I present Lady M’s brilliant, extraordinarily intelligent own words on the success of her “No Child’s Fat Behind” program on the occasion of it’s first anniversary:

Notice the softer side of Lady M; a collaboration between our stylist and our publicist. And just be grateful  that you can’t see how the rest of this 2 sizes too small blouse looks on camera – that was my contribution.

article-1336470-0C40752F000005DC-406_634x440 Same blouse, Christmas tree arrival version

“The cardigan — worn on the night her husband, Barack Obama, was elected president of the United States, and even to meet the Queen Elizabeth II — has become a postfeminist symbol of an independent woman whose free spirit won’t be cowed by convention.”

Post-feminist indeed. What feminist wouldn’t be proud to have our FLOTUS discussed endlessly for her, uh, fashion statements, in books like Robb Young’s “comprehensive and global survey,” Power Dressing.

Seeing Michelle Obama in a tangerine dress in a lineup with Margaret Thatcher (decorative “Iron Lady”), Sarah Palin (sexy secretary), Queen Rania of Jordan (royal fashion plate) and Hillary Rodham Clinton (pantsuits forever) makes an instructive introduction to “Power Dressing: First Ladies, Women Politicians & Fashion.”

You certainly do get what you pay for, don’t you?


I’ve gotta’ run. I’m going to drop in on our student government organization to see what we’ve cooked up for dealing with the Egyptian “revolution” today.

Last I heard, we were thinking of offering Hosni asylum in New York.