Friday, February 11, 2011

My International Radio Debut is Tonight!

Ok, so tonight Team-MOTUS makes our radio debut on the world famous Andrea Shea King Blog Talk Radio Show! 

andrea shea kingAndrea Shea King: Radio Patriot extraordinaire

The real Radio Patriot is interviewing me on her show! I’m so excited I could wet my pants, if I wore pants. Raj and Little Mo will be with me in the bunker and on the air too. We wrapped the bunker in tin foil to prevent anybody in Big White from picking up our signal, and we’ll be using our secret code names: I’ll be Jo and Raj & Little Mo will share the code name Bob.

Don’t worry if you are attending CPAC, I have been told that they will be streaming the show on the main stage jumbotron at the end of President Ronald Reagan’s 100th Birthday dinner & celebration. Only CNN has confirmed this on the air so far.

I know that there may be a few people who might think there are more important things going on somewhere in the world tonight, butt I sure can’t think of any.

So, pour yourself an adult beverage, grab a spot in your comfortable barcalounger and tune in the Radio Patriot’s show at 9 p.m. ET, featuring me! Well, for the first half hour anyway.