Saturday, February 12, 2011

“The Ties are a Window to the Soul”

Or, as the French say - and I prefer - “ties are a mirror of the soul” ('Les yeux sont le miroir de l'dme.) Either way, you may wonder what Big Guy’s message was when, as a farewell memento, he gave Gibbsy  his own cravat back:

Sorry, butt I don’t even get any Kroners for the commercial!

Because, as you can clearly see for yourself, the last thing on earth Gibbsy needs is another tie. He seems to have one for every occasion:

As noted by the Ace of Spades “here is an emblematic Democratic ‘gift:’ Giving you back what was always yours and expecting a thank-you for it.”  Like when you get a tax refund.

Butt the simple truth is, when Big Guy borrowed that tie 7 years ago, he promised Gibbsy “If you like your tie, you can keep it.” Of course, when he finally did get it back, it was covered with catsup stains, firmly encased in a rigid box and accompanied by  a certificate for a consultation with Ikram to discuss whether a man of his age really needs to wear a tie any more.