Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dick Cheney and Pollsters: New Enemies Within

It’s so reassuring to know that the Big White is on duty even while we relax and recharge our seriously depleted green-certified batteries.

Almost immediately upon hearing Dick Cheney’s mean-spirited comments about Big Guy taking 4 days to mount a robust response to the air-terror panty bomber, the Big White fires back with their own rapid response.

So as you can see, we’ve clearly got our targets in site, and are quite capable of attacking immediately if necessary. Note the title of the BW blog: The Same Old Washington Blame Game. Don’t you love David’s sense of irony? I swear if the Axman hadn’t gotten into politics, he could have been huge in tinsel town. I mean really  - accusing Dick Cheney of not being tough enough on al Queda – how deliciously ironic is that?!

The truth however is that this is just a new chew toy for the MSM, so they don’t have to talk about Lady M’s falling poll numbers and her embarrassing 4th place finish in the new poll of most admired women in America. Even more humiliating than the 4th place designation is who she was beaten by:

Hillary! That blonde  b--ch!

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Sarah! That smiley b—ch who shot Bullwinkle!

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And the lowest blow of all: Oprah! Girlfriend, how could you do this to me! You b---h!palin oprah2

This is a very bad way to head into a new year. We’re reviewing how these disastrous results could have possibly happened:

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Apparently we’ll be holding strategy meetings all next week to figure out how to counter this terrorist attack. It looks like a sure bet we’ll be beefing up our public relations staff, since we don’t seem to be getting our message out.


We’ll also be getting some of our stimulus money to ACORN so they can get the vote out. Will we reclaim the number one slot next year from these pretenders? You betcha!

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone. And remember: Let’s be careful out there!