Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year- From MOTUS

I hope 2009 was as big a year for you as it was for me. I mean, gee wiz, how many mirrors get the chance to reflect the most historic, fashion-forward woman on our feverish planet? My hard drive is still spinning with all the extraordinary memories. I promise I’ll reflect the best ones soon, but right now I’m just too dizzy with excitement … or maybe it’s still from the bubbly (France’s finest! After all, we Won!).

I’m going to try to catch a few more waves before our Polynesian dream vacation on Big Guy’s “birth island” comes to an end. Now I totally understand why we worked so hard, and spent so much money, to be born here instead of in Kenya or Kansas.

But today I want to take the opportunity to thank some of the people who made my first year of historic reflections possible. First, I want to thank the Prophet Algore for inventing the “interweb” for peaceful purposes. Next I want to thank, from the bottom of my quad-core processors, the millions and gazillions of loyal readers who drop by to enjoy my reflections and share their own: group hug.

And thanks to my artistic pals over at flatsimile studio (I’m going to have to ask Raj to get a website up for them when he gets back from his visit to Mumbai) who created another fun mosaic New Year’s greeting card. This one is a small tribute to the people who helped keep 2009 in focus and, I know, will help put our historic second year in context. You probably know most of them, even the ones who - like me - are sneaking into their basements under the cover of night to blog away in their pj’s and bunny slippers. Click and zoom away!

I know we missed many, and nobody other then moi will like all of them. But I hope it’s fun for you to try to find your favorites. Raj created a list of who’s in the mosaic - if you are from Chicago and want to cheat.