Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Flyer, Fryer Pants On Fire

One nice thing about Team Obama is that we are all about sharing the pain. So, while I missed most of the historic “Christmas luau” due to my special assignment, Big Guy’s sacrifice was even greater. He had to skip the back nine today so he could end his customary 48 hour silence following terrorist events that don’t involve white cops acting stupidly. He reassured American voters that the “knicker-bomber” (as Mark Steyn has dubbed him) got his “free pass” visa in June, 2008: that’s right, another problem inherited from GWB. This one never seems to get old.

image6030397g Knicker-bomber before “detonation

man-on-fire gypsy__man_shirt_fire_269x450

after detonation


Evidence gathered for the civilian criminal trial in Detroit

If you saw it, I’m sure you’d agree that Big Guy gave an extraordinary read: full of robust talk of immediate “orders” and “action” and continued “vigilance” because we “will not rest”. Then - to give the travel sector a little verbal stimulus, BO said “…we are doing everything in our power to keep you and your family safe and secure… ,” throwing in “…during this busy holiday season…” as a reminder to anyone who forgot that we are on VACATION here! I think that might have been a little gratuitous, since I already made that point by snatching his tie just before he went on camera. Nothing says vacation casual like suit coat and dress shirt, sans tie.

obama knicker-bomber read

BO finished strong, breaking his silence on another important international issue: the recent violence in Iran. Up till now he’s been reticent about even acknowledging the little gnat from Tehran, but today he agreed to include Iran in his read, without preconditions, because it makes the knicker bomber seem just a merry prankster by comparison.

But all this bad news, and Bruno lurking about on the lanai, has really put a damper on things. At least for me and Lady M. Big Guy, on the other hand, seems somehow energized by the whole scare. He hasn’t tweeted Bill Ayers this much since they had to figure out how to plausibly claim he was just another guy in the neighborhood. I guess he just wanted to get a domestic terrorist’s perspective on the incident.

Then Toes got BO going on Sunday. He said that the “flying Dutchman” saved our Team’s bacon, and that proves we need a well trained civilian para-military unit in every major city that has an airport - or a large conservative voter base. MO’s been busy selecting fabric, uniforms and Obamacorps patches. I don’t like the direction this is heading …


For now though, I have to turn my attention back to Lady M. I don’t know who told her this look would do for either beach wear or dinner. She seems to have reprised her Joie button front maternity top, and paired it stunningly with her Schwinn bicycle capris. I predict this is going to be a very good year for a pea in the pod. All of a sudden, those French terry cloth towels don’t look so bad.

obama hawaii4

Some think this picture of BO’s left foot turned to the right is a good sign. Me, I think he’s just pigeon toed.

UPDATE: Chickaboomer has a graphic description of the knicker-bomber’s antics. Singe. Cringe.