Wednesday, April 14, 2010

80% of Success is Just Showing Up. The rest is Mental

Lady M was very happy to leave on her solo Mexico trip. We can all use a holiday from Big Guy’s ego. He even started getting on my nerves lately with his latest game: “mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s made the world safer for all?” He never seems to get tired of it. It’s just creepy. Not to mention dumb. It’s like having Joey B around all the time.

So, we made a quick photo op stop in Haiti before flying on to Mexico City. The devastation was horrible, but Lady M made everyone feel better just by showing up.

232x282 Adorable kids singing and dancing.

whoa Whoa! Is that Botox wearing off already?

I don’t know why, but I just have a good feeling about Mexico City: Don’t we look positively radiant with Mexican counselor Deputy Director of Protocol, Maria Teresa Mercato? Mexico really gets this whole protocol thing; they even named a special deputy director who makes Lady M look svelte by comparison. Wow! that’s impressive hospitality.

maria teresa mercado610x

So we’re going to have a strawberry Margarita and call it a night. Tomorrow’s a big day.

Oh, one last thing. Lady M did call Big Guy before we turned in. She congratulated him on whatever it is he think he accomplished at his Nuclear Security Council, but she told him that next time he should probably invite North Korea, Iran and Israel. And she read him the riot act for bowing to China again. She said she doesn’t care how much money we owe Hu Jintao, Big Guy’s got to stop with the liberal ‘ethnic restaurant owner bow.’

Hu Jintao

We like the Ken and Barbie pose with Dmitry much better:

ken and barbie Don’t they make a cute couple?