Friday, April 16, 2010

Adios Amigos. Hola Czarinna de Diplomacia

What a successful trip! We danced with the little children and told them to keep moving their fat behinds.

jump Lady M Dancin’ in the Street : Jumpin Jehosaphats!

We had an opportunity to explain to the adoring crowd of college kids that communism was the way to go, using ourselves as examples of how well that can turn out for you.

estudentesLady M, at the podium. That’s our flag, on the left. 

But before we waved goodbye to sunny Mexico,


we chatted with CNN and told them that the U.S. really needs to reform its immigration policy – which Big Guy would gladly do if those nasty Republicans weren’t standing in his way; preventing him from reuniting babies with their parents.  Lady M also told the reporter that the U.S. must reduce its demand for illegal narcotics, because that would help Mexico with its drug wars. I guess America really is responsible for everything that’s wrong with the world.

On the way home we swung through San Diego, (after a costume change) to check out the kale at a community garden plot  (not Tuscan – I’m not even sure it was organic) and talk to the people who tend to their plots there.


Lady M with Khadiga Musame, a refugee from Somalia, and Tsitsi Museta, a refugee from Zimbabwe, who just happened to be at the garden party.

Most of them needed translators though, because - even though we haven’t reformed our immigration policy yet - most of them were immigrants from somewhere.

We think our first solo hugging tour was a huge success.We left all the policy issues to Big Guy, while focusing on the “big picture” – communism, immigration, drugs, kids fat behinds and organic gardens.

odd vent sit on it hugs5 hugs6 hugs

  Big Hugs!

I think we’ve pretty much got this diplomacy thing nailed. Can you say “diplomacy czar?”