Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bunker Post-1: The Big Chill-Hil

If you can read this post, you are a FOM and/or MOL. Everyone else will see this.

I apologize for all the secrecy, but all hell is breaking loose back in Big White over the no-longer-supportive L.A.Times article reporting the results of the latest no-longer-supportive CNN (aka Clinton News Network) poll showing America likes Hillary more than Big Guy. We expect this kind of Hate-Journalism from FOX News, but CNN?


mo haiti 4 Lady M selecting “Poster Children” as “good examples” for her historic “No Child’s Fat Behind” program – None here

mo haiti 5






 How did that fat behind get in this shot? No, not hers, the guy in the blue shirt. Sheesh




 mo haiti 2

“Hi ... Come on in ... Come on in”

mo mexico 3 Lady M de-planing Air Force WON-2 as we arrive in Mexico City wearing our, “floral frock” as described in HuffPo  IMPORTANT NOTE:Yes, that’s right, HuffPo trolls clearly visit and steal from my MOLs as demonstrated here in the use, without attribution, of srdems “frock”. Come back little trolls and leave your thoughts, pretty please. (Sorry, I got carried away with this subtitle).

mo mexico 1 Big Butt hunting in Mexico City: better pickin’s than in Haiti

So anyway, Raj and Bo are in lock-down back in my secret bunker in the corner of Lady M’s closet doing a multiple-proxy, IP masked, encrypted post for me. I’m glad I restocked the hotel fridge with curry and snausages before MO and I started our historic first solo diplomatic mission. More on that in a minute.

You have to get “inside the data” to find the stuff about Hillary (Now you can see how important, and fun, my little tutorial on getting inside the data was). It shows public opinion has shifted dramatically since we bussed all those folks in from Chicago to enable our first historic win of the Iowa caucuses:

... 61% now think favorably of the former senator and only 35% unfavorably, both numbers improved from the 56% and 40% she had during the Democratic National Convention in late August of 2008 ...

... By comparison, in the same CNN poll, 57% of Americans now think favorably of Obama, down from 78% just before his inauguration; and 41% now think unfavorably of him, more than twice his unfavorable rating of early 2009.

Clinton's numbers also beat all other both Democrats and Republicans in the new poll.

Are they trying to cause trouble? What is the point of publishing this sort of racist “news”? All it’s going to do is get people thinking that Hillary might mount a primary challenge against Big Guy for the 2012 nomination.

hillary and bo Big Guy warming up to his future Secretary Hillary

Sure, like she is going to want to be the entry in the history books titled “The Racist Bitch Who Spoiled Barack Obama’s First, Second Historic Term As Glorious Leader Of The World”. Not to mention retiring our FLOTUS to pursue her modeling career. How will that be good for our children’s fat behinds?

Well, we’re not taking this lying down. Toes mobilized the Chicago  O-Team strike force and put in a call to Andy Stern.


Axe-man started a rumor that Hillary was on the short list of possible nominees for the upcoming Supreme Court vacancy, then sent Gibbsy out to announce that she is not on Big Guy’s list.

The O-Team strike force, already in action, sent a bunch of cheerleaders from the University of Chicago to interview for “internship positions” at the Harlem office of the “William J. Clinton Foundation”.

Finally, for now, Toes, Axe-man and Pluff-Po (aka David Plouff) are loading TOTUS’ hard drive with an historic and articulate weekend read announcing a major transformation of our State Department. They aren’t done yet, so I don’t have all of the details, but according to what TOTUS has sent me so far, it will start with re-titling the position “Secretary of State” to “Secretary to the President.”

It also creates the first historic “Diplomacy Czar”  who shall be empowered (I don’t think we use that great word enough anymore) to advise the President on all matters of foreign policy, and to oversee all State Department operations.

dianne von furstenburg

Do you see how important our first solo diplomatic mission is now? It’s not just about the fat behinds.