Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hola! Adelante!

Lady M and I are still busy packin’ for our trip south of the border later today. Margarita Zavala de Calderone is not exactly another Carla, but she does seem to love to hog the fashion highlight, so we have to take special care with our wardrobe selections.

gunbeltmargarita zavala

Margarita emulating Lady M, the hussy (Margarita, not Lady M)

Lady M’s solo trip to a foreign country isn’t a FLOTUS first. Hil went to China in 1995 to deliver a major address on women’s rights to the U.N. World Conference on Women, and when Laura went to Prague she gave an address on Radio Free Europe speaking about the Taliban’s egregious treatment of women in Afghanistan. And now, Lady M’s going to Mexico to indoctrinate talk to the children about how we can all work together for one world order harmony. I’m not positive, but I think this means open borders,and free health care. She was going to lecture them about their fat behinds too, but apparently that’s not a big problem there. Which explains why they all want to come to the U.S.: Big Macs.

So we’re loading up our iPod with our English/Spanish translation app (note to self: learn to speak Spanish), our suitcases with sundresses, sombreros and our favorite Mexican themed tops,

michelleObama03 20090508_obama_560 Par2663213 SPL105889_002

and looking forward to having nachos and Margaritas with Margarita. I hope Lady M remembers we can’t drink the water. Just in case, I’m brushing up on my Spanish. “Me siento mal.”