Thursday, April 15, 2010

No Matter the Topic, It’s Always About the O’s

Busy, busy day here in Meh-hee-co. After hugging the disadvantaged little photo ops children, we went to the Museum of Anthropology with Margarita and had our picture taken under the Aztec calendar. Boy, I think I’ve discovered a huge new (capitalist) market for Palms, Blackberries and even the old fashioned Day Planners! And as far as I can tell, they still believe in capitalism down here.aztec calendar museum of anthropology Lady M and Margarita under the giant Aztec calendar

Then in the afternoon, a speech to thousands of cheering students at the elite Iberoamericana University. We had to deliver the speech in English, because we forgot to learn Spanish when we were at the Ivy League. But it was OK, since it was all loaded up in the FLOTUS TOTUS which includes language packs. We simulcast the text in Spanish for the kids to read along. It was pretty much Lady M’s standard speech to collegians: promoting the “social justice” agenda - so popular in the U.S. these days – and telling the kids how important it is for them to give back. Like she and Big Guy did:

232x263Lady M arrives for her anti-capitalist speech to the elite college studentes, wearing her Rachel Roy tapestry print mix media dress with low rider boob belt.

“Those of you who have a seat at the table must do your part to make room for others who don’t,” she said, holding up as an example of leaders who have risen up from humble means Benito Juarez, a celebrated 19th century Mexican president, and her own husband. (NYT)


"We must confront wrong and outdated ideas and assumptions that only certain young people deserve to be educated, that girls aren't as capable as boys, that some young people are less worthy of opportunities because of their religion or disability or ethnicity or socioeconomic class. Because we have seen time and again that potential can be found in some of the most unlikely places," she said.

"My husband and I are living proof of that." (WaPo)

Although she didn’t mention anything about illegal immigration, the drug cartels, the drug wars, or the tons of drugs screaming across our borders along with the illegal immigrants. She explained to reporters later why she didn’t bring up any of that icky stuff, telling them that as first lady she's focused on the "big picture," not policy. I guess that means fat behinds and communist theory.

Then Enrique Gonzalez Casanova, a Mexican sociologist, explained what the real issue is with all the icky stuff:

“The main problem lies in that a great number of young people see that their expectations about the future have vanished. There is a great deal of insecurity about what will happen to them. There are few job opportunities and minimal possibilities for education.”

I hope Lady M was paying attention, because from what I hear, that’s pretty much how our own kids are feeling these days. Thanks to her own husband, who rose up from humble means. Can you say “irony?”

Dinner was nice, too. Another chance for a wardrobe change.


Happy Tax Day Everyone! Brought to you by your Federal Government. Spreading the wealth around, one tax increase at a time. Cha-Ching!