Friday, September 24, 2010

Fly on the Wall: Natural History Museum Night

OK – I think the coast is clear. The O’s have turned in for the night after a very busy week of speechifying and high level diplomacy.

I’ve got to post this up quick, so I didn’t have time to edit this at all. It’s very rough, but at least you’ll be able to see the frock that Lady M wore to the Natural History Museum party (private, closed press, heads of state – but a few of the O’s old Harvard classmates seem to have snuck in too).

As always, MO chose a flattering gown for the occasion. It was a red dress (sleeveless, of course) with a deep V-neck, with a huge sparkly brooch, right where the bazooms would be, if we had any.

You might wish to note how Big Guy seems to have established a real “guy” rapport with an even bigger guy - who he may or may not remember from Harvard. They seem to have a lot in common, which you can tell by the way they both seem to like touching people. So they were probably friends in school.

Anyway, here’s what I was able to snatch off my hard drive, I apologize for the poor quality but I really wasn’t even supposed to be there, let alone recording.