Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pink Cinderellas, All in a Row

How hard is this?

When you or I hear “Medal of Honor Ceremony” we don’t automatically think “blue morning glories and pink princess pumps.”



Although I must say this is light years better than our first Medal of Honor Ceremony - such a bad memory  that I just can’t bring myself to reflect it one more time, but you all know: cleavage revealing cocktail frock in a most questionable print fabric with green shoes. At least this time we don’t have cleavage. And there’s at least a hint of a sleeve, instead of totally bare guns and pits, like, well, you know - last time. And this time we wore some pearls! A nice touch.

But those pink Cinderella pumps – I just can’t get them out of my memory drive. I don’t know why they keep short-circuiting my fealty circuits, and shutting down my loyalty loop. After all, it’s not that I haven’t seen much (much) worse.

So what is it about these shoes, at this ceremony that causes such cognitive-dissonance, and irritates so, so much?

Oh yes... maybe it’s this:


Of course that doesn’t explain all the other mismatched shoe and gown combinations ... or does it?

Well, you all know.