Monday, September 20, 2010

When Snarks Attack: 10

So it’s a wrap on summer 2010. We’ve all had our vacations, large and small: people, not vacations. Now, it’s only 1 day until fall (not the “big fall”, that’s in November) and, because it’s a Tuesday with no primary going on anywhere, it’s time to cast your votes for summer 2010’s final coveted Golden FLOTUS. August was a big, big month for snark, with nearly 3,000 snarks recorded (that doesn’t even count the bonus post Echo gives some lucky MOLs).

Even after fully recharging our batteries in Spain, the Golf Coast twice, Martha’s Vineyard and Camp David, my super-secret nominating committee was completely drained after working for two weeks into the wee hours winnowing the sack of snarks down to a baker’s dozen.

So, without further adieu, here, presented in alphabetical order with pride are your nominees for the coveted August 2010 Golden FLOTUS:

When Snarks Attack-10 Nominees

August, 2010

Anonymouse: "The Belly Bandit Strikes Again"

“MOO = The Buns of Navarone!”

Cherie: "A Pea In The Pod? Here We Go Again."

“Graceless, mannerless creature probably double dips, too...”

clarice: "A Pea In The Pod? Here We Go Again."

“I've never seen a sideways pregnancy. Have you?”

DeniseVB: "And Now, An Important Message from Our FLOTUS. And..."

“Those are giant yams?  I thought she found Barack's cajones ;)”

forkarrie: "Lady M Ends the Racist Reign in Spain"

“MO did not end racism in Spain. She just forgot to pack it.”

Granny Jan: "I Came For the Waters: I Was Misinformed"

“It looks like he waxed his chest - something that a "happy" man might do.”

Leslie: "Coming Home: a Pictorial: Update"

“Those were oil-splotch capris? I'm from Texas, and anything that looks like that is generally a holstein.”

Lynn II: "Once In a Life Time: With God’s Will and Your Vote..."

“... As for Bo and the magical *this is hard to figure out* umbrella pic, may I suggest we call it his *BARRY POPPINS* moment? LOL ;)”

Moright: "Home From Our An-Delusion Holiday"

“ that Kum-bay-ya worship site...Poor thing, she thought she had a cash-cow in Moo. She just got the cow.”

RPFreeSpeech: "Miniature Golf for a Miniature Va-cay"

“Synchronized Pointing"...they learned that at Harvard?”

Sine Qua Non: "Et tu, Brute?"

“...Has any other FLOTUS ever looked like she smelled bad?...”

srdem65: "Performance Reviews: Clowns to the Left of Me"

“The only people who "fell in love" with MO was the fawning MSM...We didn't buy the hype because they can't roll a turd in powdered sugar and make us believe it's a donut.”

The Plague Fairy: "Our Final Day of Vacay with High Societe"

“ **headsmack** That is beyond embarassing.  I never thought I'd send a plea out to Hillary Clinton about anything but..."Help! we need your pantsuits, STAT!!" “

Congratulations to August’s nominees, one and all. You have snarked your way to a shot at snarkdom’s highest honor, my coveted Golden FLOTUS. Polls will remain open until 11:59 PM EST, Wednesday, September 22; which – for “senorita pi” and any other worship-site trollers in my nest – is the last day of summer in Europe and the Middle East. For the rest of us using the Christian calendar, it’s the first day of fall in the United States of America.

As always, Chicago rules apply so vote early, vote often and remember that most elections can be bought for under a hundred bucks. Good luck and may the best snark, or at least the snarker who can mobilize the most facebook friends, win.