Thursday, September 23, 2010

When Snarks Attack 10: The Winner

Another Snark Attack poll is in the books and another coveted Golden FLOTUS is in the hands of a most worthy MOL. The  winner of the coveted Golden FLOTUS in the August Snark Attack contest is:


Congratulations srdem65!!!! Who, up until now, has always been the bridesmaid, never the bride. You have now snarked your way into history and won fame and ovation forever. Your Golden Flotus will be enshrined forever in my hallowed Snark Hall of Fame. Your snark,

“The only people who "fell in love" with MO was the fawning MSM...We didn't buy the hype because they can't roll a turd in powdered sugar and make us believe it's a donut.”

carried the day and swept you to a big win.

And so srdem65, the coveted Golden FLOTUS is yours forever, to use proudly and display as you wish, and will always be found here on hallowed cyber-ground in my cherished Snark Hall of Fame.

srdem GF copy

Snark Attack 10 set a new record in voter turnout with nearly 7 million votes cast! Clearly, a message to our “betters” here in DC about November. Toes certified the vote, offered his congratulations to srdem65, and asked if she was registered to vote for Mayor of Chicago. I told him I didn’t think srdem65 even lived in Illinois. He said “No problem. I’ll get her an absentee ballot.” Then he went back into the war room to help Axe-Man and Gibbsy spin the new Bobby Woodward book. So here (rounded to the nearest thousand) is the final tally:

  1. srdem65 – 1,720,000
  2. Leslie – 950,000
  3. Lynn II – 780,000
  4. Sine Qua Non – 680,000
  5. The Plague Fairy – 590,000
  6. Anonymouse – 400,000
  7. forkarrie – 380,000
  8. Granny Jan – 270,000
  9. Clarice – 260,000
  10. Cherie / Moright – 250,000
  11. DeniseVB / RPFreeSpeech – 230,000

So congratulations to srdem65 and all the worthy contestants of When Snarks Attack 10.

Long live the snark!