Thursday, September 23, 2010

“Hey, Everybody!”

To celebrate the last day of summer, Big Guy went on a picnic in the backyard of some ordinary folks in Virginia. He doesn’t really know the Brayshaw’s, who threw the picnic at the request of Big White’s chief of Obamacare  Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act propaganda information.

The Brayshaw’s likewise didn’t know most of the other people who came to their picnic, since we flew them in from around the country in order to thank Big Guy face-to-face for saving their lives. They all had a personal, middle class story to tell the camera for our Big White Blog about how, without Big Guy’s Patient Bill of Rights, they’d be dead. Because that’s what we used to do in America - let poor, sick people die - until Big Guy arrived. Not to belabor the point, but, “he was the won they were waiting for.”

But the Brayshaws have a very nice, clean, ordinary-folks backyard, so they had that going for them.

fc visiting the real folk

Big Guy bounced down the back steps when he arrived at Paul and Frances Brayshaw’s house exclaiming “Hey, everybody! Hello, hello, hello! Good to see you.” He sounded just like Dr. Nick Riviera – who I understand just received approval to provide all the new free services that Obamacare is offering.

board-04-dr-nick-octuplets “ Hey, ev’ry bod ee!”


And today’s a big one for MO: she’s giving the keynote address at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York. Big Guy’s going to introduce her, since he’s going to be in New York too, telling the UN representatives what goodies they’ll be taking home in their gift bags this year.

Lady M does have a tough act to follow though: on Tuesday Hillary, our very own Secretary of State,  announced a new Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, “a broad-based, public-private initiative to provide affordable solar-powered stoves to 100 million homes around the world by 2020.” 

Replacing “traditional biomass cookstoves” with solar-powered ones may not sound like one of the top 10 problems in the world, but that’s only because you take safe cooking for granted, and don’t know just how dangerous it is for women and children around the world. And, if you read all the way through (which I did so you don’t have to) you’ll discover that the time is right for solar cookstoves because of the “potential for carbon finance to fund stove initiatives” – free money! From the global warming carbon tax coffers!

I cannot even imagine how Lady M’s going to top Hillary’s speech. Maybe she’s going to give away a whole 747 full of solar-powered cookstoves to busy Mom’s in Africa. That could be very transformational, as I understand that many of them are into the raw food movement.

I think she might also be planning on doing a cooking demonstration, to show them how to fix and serve some of her favorite hors d’oeuvers – for those nights when you just don’t feel like going out.


tdy-091109-obamachef-hmed-330_grid-6x2   and serving...don’t forget the gloves!

I might have been more inclined to announce an initiative to fight against misogynistic regimes entrenched in Muslim countries around the world first. But solar powered cookstoves are good too, and they qualify for carbon finance funds. Besides, I guess Bill and Hil don’t want to tick anyone off, in case they decide to run for president again.

After her keynote, Lady M will be checking up on all of the travel, seating and serving logistics for her farm-to-table luncheon to be held at Blue Hill at Stone Farms on Friday for the spouses of the UN delegates. Maybe she can take the opportunity to show them all how to cook bugs on a solar-powered cookstove.

FireShot- Woman making tea with her new solar cookstove; it should be ready by November.