Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Jackass in the Desert does not a Messiah Make

It’s Palm Sunday and the new Pope Francis I celebrated his first Palm Sunday Mass at the Vatican.


Yesterday the Pope warned the faithful of the “tyranny of relativism;” 

“But there is another form of poverty! It is the spiritual poverty of our time, which afflicts the so-called richer countries particularly seriously. It is what my much-loved predecessor, Benedict XVI, called the “tyranny of relativism”, which makes everyone his own criterion and endangers the coexistence of peoples.’

In doing so, he echoed his predecessor's comment on the same subject: 

“We are building a dictatorship of relativism that does not recognize anything as definitive and whose ultimate goal consists solely of one’s own ego and desires.”  -Pope Benedict XVI

And I think by now we all know the pitfalls of setting goals based on Won’s own ego and desires:

bo nose in air bandwI AM the Dream

That reminds me, Big Guy finally wrapped up his Mideast tour yesterday with a visit to the ruins of the ancient city of Petra in Jordan:

bo's motorcade to the ruins of PetraPresidential motorcade to the ancient city of Petra

jackass in desert copyThe metaphors just keep coming

The remains of the ancient “Rose City” were stunning. These columns are part of the ancient Treasury Building:

bo tours ruins of treasury building Petra

Below is a full shot of the Treasury, with BO posing in the foreground:

bo my work is done hereBO posing in front of the antiquated Treasury; empty, abandoned, broke. Good practice.

Just one historical note, in case Big Guy decides to “do the Holy Land” next Easter season again. According to the scriptures, Jesus rode into Jerusalem ON a donkey, not…well, you know:

my little donkey close up


That’s all for today. Be sure to check out the post on creeper’s 1st, Historic, FOM Flyover Fest post on the April 21-22 Sioux Falls, ND. I’m sorry I can’t be there, but will try to join in on a live-blogging line.

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