Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Harry’s Desert Daycare Camp

OK, now she’s just screwing with me. There are simply some things a FLOTUS simply should never even consider. Conducting a desert exercise program with an endangered octogenarian is one of those things.

desert wear Curtains, bed skirt, placemats and an old rag

First of all, who takes an exercise program outdoors in June, when “outdoors” is the middle of a freaking desert?  And does this look like an outfit that anyone would exercise in - anywhere? That’s a silk skirt, people. Silk. In the middle of the desert. With the bed skirt and placemat thrown on top to make our “movement” more colorful. Or something.

As long as I’m venting, I might as well show you the rest of the “Let’s Move our daycare program for Harry Outside” photo ops. 

icanfly  I Can Fly! Las Vegas Edition

mimeLady M and Harry Reid perform their advanced mime routine.

Well, that should lock up the mime vote on the Strip for old Harry. So we’ve got that going for us. Campaigning for losers used to be a lot easier when all we had to do was call ACORN and let them know what we needed.

babydoll2 I know MO’s still ticked off about the baby doll pictures that slipped out from yesterday morning’s Women’s Conference in Reno. But I don’t think that clowning around in the desert at high noon with an old has-been politician is a very mature way to express our displeasure. 

And besides, I’m not the one who pulled the peach PJ dress out of the closet and exclaimed “Oohh! This will be perfect for addressing a crowd of business women in the middle of the morning!”


Trust me, even the matching coat with the boob belt would have been better.

And just for the record, it’s really not the humidity. It’s the heat.





Believe me Harry, I know exactly how you feel. I think I’m getting a double migraine.