Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sir Paul and the Taxman

Last Night Big Guy bestowed the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song on Sir Paul McCartney. Apparently this prize is not reserved strictly for Americans, even though it is named after an iconic American music man. Global economy, one world order and all.

bo and paulie Sir Paul and the Taxman – Back in the USSR

In return, Sir Paul said a few good words about his host, telling ABC yesterday  “I’m a big fan. He’s a great guy.So lay off him. He’s doing great.”  Then before he sang – surprise – Michelle, he told Big Guy that he’s got “billions of us rooting for you.” Unfortunately most of them are in the Middle East, and won’t be able to vote in the next election unless we get that Immigration Reform Bill passed. Then Sir Paul made a really snide remark about President George W. Bush. He must consider himself an honorary member of our MSM. I think I’m beginning to understand why Sir Paul won our American Music award.

So then Big Guy, who finally got the memo from Toes telling him to act like he’s really concerned about the catastrophic oil spill, ruined a perfectly fun evening by bringing it up and trying to act all empathetic. Apparently that’s what’s most important to his base - empathy. The effort wasn’t totally successful, in my opinion. Big Guy can certainly spin the truth convincingly, but acting? Emotions? Not so much.

We did have lots of famous people here for the award ceremony and concert: Faith Hill, the Jonas Brothers, Elvis Costello Jerry Seinfeld and Herbie Hancock. Originally Maureen Dowd was going to come but she mysteriously disappeared from Smootie’s official list after yesterday’s column in which she had the audacity to criticize the dope President. She said that “Woe-is-me is not an attractive narrative.” Probably because it’s most often referred to as petulance – a characteristic more often associated with 5 year olds than the leader of the free world.

It’s probably just as well Modo didn’t come to the party. Knowing that “separated at birth” is one of MSM’s favorite parlor games, they probably would have been cracking themselves up all night long.

A couple of old prunes related only by the fact that neither have  been relevant for decades, and neither of them are aging particularly well.

m0d0 paul-mccartney-photo

 paul mccartney5 81066306AW012_Meet_The_Pres 

And of course Lady M was in attendence: hello! The whole evening was planned around Sir Paul’s signature song. I’ll have to put her pics up in the morning though: they need a bit of touching up and my batteries need to be recharged so I’m powering down for the night.