Friday, June 4, 2010

Put a Plug in it

After the big party Wednesday night, yesterday seemed pretty ho-hum. Except for the fact that Big Guy and Lady M were summoned to the children’s school: sidwellApparently, we got in trouble for keeping the girls up too late the night before.

You can tell it must have been an important appointment at the girls school, because Lady M dressed up (mostly) like a grownup, put on her best Oprah face and brought grandma with her - who seems to be emulating Lady M’s casual summer hairstyle.


The Sidwell school cut the O’s some slack when they heard that the concert was held by Sir Pall - a legend of rock and roll. And I guess it didn’t hurt that he took the opportunity to make a joke about a former Republican President  not being very smart.

This from a guy once arrested for trying to smuggle dope into this country? And who was so dumb he married a gold-digger without executing a pre-nup? He must be a certified MENSA member.



I think we should  get Sir Pall together with James Cameron to fix that BP leak in the Gulf. In addition to both of them being certified geniuses, they’re eminently qualified: Cameron did Titanic and Sir Pall did “I’m Fixing a Hole.”  And since they both have a lot of experience with altered states, maybe they can do it with special effects. 


Daddy, can you plug this hole while you’re at it?