Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Morton Salt Presidency: When He Reigns, We’re Poor


A sudden and unexpected rain storm at Abraham Lincoln Cemetery in Illinois forced Big Guy to cancel his speech due to being unable to plug in his brain TOTUS. morton salt girlOur Morton Salt President: When he reigns, we’re poor.

You should have heard him up there, telling people to “calmly return to your cars” – you’d have thought we were expecting an asteroid to crash into the crowd, rather than a little rain. The cancellation was officially due to the potential danger of lightening, but if you saw the water running down Big Guy’s back off the umbrella, you’d have seen why TOTUS couldn’t be engaged. And Toes has laid down the law on this one: no TOTUS, no Big Guy. Period. We tried that once, last July. Remember? When those cops in Cambridge were acting stupidly? That’s why we didn’t have another presser until last week.

So we packed up Gram and the Wee Wons and headed back to Mecca (so to speak). As you can see we were still in our casual-at-home- comfortable style mode for the ride home.

vpl Rear-view - in every respect of the word - as we prepare to board Air Force One

vpl front

Deplaning in DC: frontal view is even more confusing. I was having a little trouble with my focus and color reflectors here, as you can see.


now whatNo, that’s right: harvest gold, avocado green, ironic black and white abstract print top with raglan sleeves and blouson waist







Seriously, how do you explain this? Quilting party gone rogue? Take your vintage curtains to work day? It’s definitely vintage, but it can’t be pinned on any one decade: 60’s colors, 70’s prints and 80’s style. I’m not sure this is the kind of retro people are yearning for. I think the current nostalgia for things from the past runs more along the lines of borders, language and culture: stuff that makes democracy work.

But hey! Strangely colored, patterned multi-culti Mumus might just do the trick too. Remember, being a fashion-forward icon means Lady M knows more about these things than you or I. So I’d suggest you all head on down to your local Salvation Army store to stock up. It’s probably a good idea to get used to shopping there anyway.


cartoon H/T Cripes Suzette!