Saturday, June 5, 2010

One Toque Over the Line; Chef’s Day at the White House

You’re going to get a kick out of this. Remember the Doc Flock we assembled before Big Guy’s “big f#@%ing  deal” (Joey’s words, not mine) healthcare passed?

obama_doctors_health_care7084958-500x380 Staff hands out white coats to docs assembled at the Big White

Well, we had a lot of left over white coats (like about 1000) because we couldn’t get as many doctors as we thought to show up to pose as useful idiots for Big Guy’s photo op. So, in the spirit of our “we’re all about green” recycling program, we just re-purposed them for our chefs-against-your-child’s-fat-behind program; or Stock Pot Schlock as I like to call it.


We asked the chefs to bring their own toques so everyone could see they were chefs. We didn’t want people thinking we were trying to shove more medical plans down their throats, but as you can see chefs are rather absent minded, disrespectful and irresponsible. Kind of like Helen Thomas.


Lady M’s wearing one of her new signature, uh, interesting visible back zippers. The racing stripe motif seems to be making a comeback for some reason.

The front of the blouse is interesting too, although it was solid white when we left the East Wing. But due to an unfortunate incident involving a blender, a missing cover and Rachael Ray we wound up with some cutting edge avant-guarde food art.


Rear View Just For You

 FireShot capture #014 - 'PicApp Search results for michelle obama' - www_picapp_com_search_aspx_term=michelle%20obama&pageNum=0&cats= Raspberry, blueberry mint frappe! Yum-o!


Ray Ray Channeling Oprah

Here’s tee vee chef Rachael Ray, getting ready to prepare one of her famous 30 minute meal miracles: sea-green smoothies. Like Lady M, she spends more time talking about vegetables than she does actually eating any of them.